About ITHURED Philippines Inc./ITCareer.ph

ITHURED (ay-ti-yurd) has been established in May 2016 to fill the gap between young IT talents and the IT industry, and essentially contribute to the growth of IT Human Resource Development in the Philippines.

ITHURED’s major focus is IT Human Resource Development in the Philippines.

ITHURED powers ITCareer.ph, a hub for IT career development. ITCareer.ph is an online learning portal that offers free IT courses to students and young professionals to enrich their skills and increase the potential to get hired by the IT industry.

The Philippines’ Information Technology & Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry employs 1.3 million Filipinos and targeted to grow to 1.8 million by 2020. The demand for IT talent continues to grow. There are approximately 75,000 IT-related graduates annually. But, in spite of the large number of graduates, many companies are unhappy with the skill mismatch between IT graduates and the kind of human resource the companies demand. ITHURED believes that its FREE e-learning portal service, ITCareer.ph, can help IT students and young professionals improve their skills and fill the skill gap between IT graduates and IT-BPM industry.

ITHURED offers IT human resource development consulting services, which includes recruitment strategy consulting through promotion & branding, career development consulting using Skill Standards for IT Professionals (ITSS) framework, skills development through online and instructor-led training courses, skills assessment, and cloud-based HRIS.

ITCareer.ph promotes the principle of long-term employment by providing strategic and quality-developed tools for human resource management and career development. ITHURED acts as a human resource development manager. It advocates free learning by providing IT courses that are simplified, easy-to-use, proficient, and engaging. ITCareer.ph has up-to-date IT skills database of students and young IT professionals that can supply the IT manpower needs of the industry.