Be informed about DATA PRIVACY ACT of 2012 and how to comply

Data Privacy Act of 2012

RA 10173, or the Data Privacy Act, protects individuals from unauthorized processing of personal information that is (1) private, not publicly available; and (2) identifiable, where the identity of the individual is apparent either through direct attribution or when put together with other available information.

This comprehensive privacy law also established a National Privacy Commission that enforces and oversees it and is endowed with rulemaking power. The functions of the NPC includes rule-making, advisory, public education, compliance and monitoring, investigations and complaints, and enforcement.

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DPO Training

Customized training for DPOs in preparing the data privacy compliance documents

[Mar 29, 2019] Data Privacy Workshop and Writeshop in Makati City

Compliance Assessment/Audit

An extensive pre-evaluatin of the current system to determine the scale of compliance

Compliance Consulting

Comprehensive creation and formulation of the compliance documents

DPO Functions Outsourcing

Subcontracting of specific functions of the DPO

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